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Wave Tank Architecture

Hann-Ocean has experience designing wave tanks and flumes for its own use as well as for customers. Depending on their intended application, wave tanks and flumes can be built to test model-scale and true-scale wave energy devices, break water structures or to perform continuous flow tests for hydraulic device characterization. We can custom build wave flumes all the way from 0.4 meter water depth (to test acrylic glass model-scale devices) to true ocean wave scale depths for full-scale devices. More information on the Hann-Ocean 01 twin wave flume (L42m x B10m x D6.0 m) can be found under ‘Facilities’ in the ‘Services’ tab.

We can provide consulting services pertaining to wave tank architecture, flume layout, structural design as well as wave-hydraulic design. A customized VOF method for free surface simulation using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be used to simulate the flume’s wave propagation and wave-hydraulic performance.

Wave Maker

Our engineers have extensive experience designing flap-type wave makers and in developing the controller program. We possess a small-scale wave maker with a 0.6 meter-high acrylic flap and a 400W stepper motor. A larger wave maker with four 5.2 meter-high flaps and four servo motors that provide a peak capacity of 120 kW is also available. More information on this wave maker’s capabilities can be found under ‘Facilities’ in the ‘Services’ tab.

Hann-Ocean is fully capable of designing flap-type wave makers for its clients and customizing the design to suit their needs.

Wave Absorbing Device

The Drakoo technology extracts energy from waves. Therefore, its functions can be characterized as follows – (a) produce renewable wave energy; (b) reduce reflective wave action and waves aft of the device. A simplified Drakoo structure which contains key elements is capable of functioning as a wave absorbing device within a wave flume. The structure can be installed as a simple, partially dammed compartment or as a fully functioning WEC system with PTO. Depending on the grade of absorption required, a solution can be tailored by our engineers.