Who We Are

Established in 2005, the Hann-Ocean Group is headquartered in Singapore – a vibrant island nation and commercial hub of South East Asia. This strategic location provides Hann-Ocean with several key advantages over its Western competitors, most notably, direct access to the untapped potential of the South East Asian market. The group comprises four companies, namely, Hann-Ocean Technology Pte. Ltd., Hann-Ocean Platforms Pte. Ltd., Hann-Ocean Energy Pte. Ltd. and Hann-Ocean Energy Technology and Equipment (Nantong) Co. Ltd., which work together to provide innovative, cost-effective products and solutions to the offshore energy industry.

What We Do

Hann-Ocean Technology (HOT) specializes in Research and Development, product design and related consultancy services for the marine, defence and renewable markets.
Hann-Ocean Platforms (HOP) offers a wide range of floating platform products. Rigidfloat RPC connectors developed by the company allow special demands to be met with bespoke solutions.
Hann-Ocean Energy (HOESG) develops advanced technologies and offers relevant products for marine renewable energy generation in the global market.
Hann-Ocean Energy Technology and Equipment (Nantong) (HOENT) A subsidiary of HOESG, HOENT engages in product development, fabrication and testing of renewable energy converters, besides offering post-sales service.


To set new technological standards for sustainable marine and ocean energy technologies.


To transform innovative concepts into commercially successful products with a firm emphasis on quality and durability.

Our Key Members

Hann-Ocean is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise. The company is run by a team of dedicated engineers and business associates.
Henry Han Lei Founder and Managing Director

Henry Han Lei, the Founder and Managing Director of Hann-Ocean Group, is also the inventor of Drakoo wave technology which is patented internationally. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture from South China University of Technology and a Master’s degree in Smart Product Design from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Henry has leveraged eleven years of defence project management experience at DSTA (Singapore) and over eight years of naval architecture and ocean engineering design experience in marine consultancy firms, including MARIC (China) into product innovation and business management roles at Hann-Ocean over the last thirteen years. As a testament to his technical and managerial prowess, he has been the recipient of over fifteen awards such as the Singapore Defence Technology Prize and the coveted Innovation Excellence Award.

In 2015, under Henry’s leadership, Hann-Ocean Energy successfully registered its subsidiary in Nantong, China to expand the Group’s production and operational capabilities. That same year, construction of the One-Wave wave tank, a workshop and installation of two overhead cranes was completed at the Nantong facility. This paved the way for Hann-Ocean to design, assemble, test and optimize its 10kWp Drakoo WEC model in 2016 which reached its peak capacity by November 2017. In June 2018, a 15kWp model was developed, tested and witnessed by DNV GL. This second generation Drakoo WEC model is ready for deployment in several key areas such as the offshore oil and gas industry, on sustainable islands and resorts and for generating auxiliary power in marine energy parks.

Robert A. Stone Chief Financial Officer

Robert brings with him a wealth of experience as a specialized professional investor to the company. As the Chief Financial Officer and one of the major shareholders, Robert steers the firm’s finances, investments and other major financial matters. He is also well versed with the marine industry, having been involved in engineering, project management and other areas of the offshore platform manufacturing industry for many years of his life.

Lex L. de RijkSenior Research & Development Engineer

Lex specializes in fluid mechanics and has been with Hann-Ocean since 2013. He received his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Netherlands where his chosen area of study was Engineering Thermodynamics for Energy Systems. At Hann-Ocean, Lex drives research and development of the Drakoo energy conversion technology through computational fluid dynamic simulations and hands-on testing of small and full-scale devices.

Sean XuaProcurement Supervisor

Sean Xua is a graduate of Changzhou College of Engineering Technology. He has several years of experience in the shipping and marine industries, where he was involved in the procurement of ships and offshore steel structures. Sean employs this experience in overseeing all procurement activities of the company.

SARAH YUSales and Marketing Executive

Sarah Yu holds a Bachelor’s degree from Nanjing Science and Technology University. Prior to joining Hann-Ocean, Sarah worked in the manufacturing industry, on projects related to equipment, modules and pipes for oil and chemical plants. She has many years of experience interfacing with major firms such as Shell, Air Liquide, ABB, Siemens, Technip and Fluor. At Hann-Ocean, Sarah is responsible for marketing, product promotion and client relationship management. In early 2018, she participated in showcasing and promoting Drakoo to the international community at the 11th WFES in Abu Dhabi.

Ray LingProject Manager

Ray Ling holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Automation. Before joining Hann-Ocean, Ray was involved in the management of mechanical and electrical equipment in the shipbuilding industry, in addition to possessing several years of construction management experience related to large-scale roll-on/roll-off ships, chemical tankers and bulk carriers. At Hann-Ocean, Ray utilizes his equipment management experience to oversee installation, operation and maintenance of equipment and products.

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to social responsibility is evident in the very nature of our business. As an ocean renewable energy technology developer, we are dedicated to providing green solutions in a bid to sustain the air that we breathe, create a cleaner world and offer a better quality of life to everyone on the planet. Through our pursuit of clean energy, we endeavour to establish a sustainable model for other businesses and for the society at large to emulate.